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Historical Modelers Forum
This site contains message boards, discussion groups, and how-to articles relating to all aspects of historical miniature modeling.  All genres are covered, and answers to your questions or solutions to your problems are readily found by use of the discussion boards.  There are also user-maintained galleries of their selected work.  This page also serves as the gateway to the newly-started Scale Modelers Forum, which serves similar functions for kit-builders.
Newsgroup devoted to scale modeling.
Missing Links
This is a moderated armor-only site that has extensive galleries, construction and how-to articles, and product reviews.  It also has a full forum of web-based discussion groups covering all aspects of armor modeling, including dioramas and figures, and even has vendor and fleamarket boards for sales and swaps.
This site is primarily aircraft-oriented, and has a very large gallery and library of construction articles that have been uploaded by the users.  New articles and photographs are posted daily, including finished kits, complete and illustrated buildups, model and book reviews, and research articles.  There is also a discussion forum on the site.
This is another armor-only site which is largely user driven.  It has a huge gallery, and a very extensive product review and article library.  In addition, it has an online reference photo section, where users have uploaded their pictures of actual vehicles.  The site also has a discussion forum which is very useful and friendly.
Great Models Webstore
The one-stop shop for nearly any modeling item you could want.  The company has a very extensive catalog, and tries to estimate their ability to get you the item you're looking for before you order.  They don't have every obscure item out there, but they're close.

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